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The Research Committee of RSS presents the results of studies of modernization and innovative development of Russia:

  1. Davydov A.A.:
  1. Sociological research: «The fate of people, deprived of their parental rights»

In 2009 members of Research Committee «The elder generation»Kozlova T.Z., Borodataya M.N., Vdovina M.V., Saralieva Z.M., Balabanov S.S., Kandaurova T.I., Kupriyanova T.A., Mitanova E.I., Pestova G.A. and Belova T.P. participated in research project «The fate of people, deprived of their parental rights», conducting interviews with fiduciary, parents of children deprived of parental rights.

The purpose of the survey is to examine the conditions of socialization of people deprived of their parental rights. The research problem - make interviews with parents, who spoke of conditions of socialization of their children - the parents of orphans.

The list of regions where the study was conducted: Moscow, Fryazino, Ivanovo, Kineshma, Posad. Ivanov, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kirov, Ulan-Ude, Chudovo (Veliky Novgorod).

Project manager - Kozlova T.Z..

Research is based on formal interview, compiled by Kozlova T.Z..

  1. Sociological research: «Great victory through the eyes of students»

In april of 2010 by the Stavropol regional office of the RSS together with Center of Sociological Research SGU was conducted a survey of students of Stavropol region. Has been surveyed 828 students of 1-5 courses of 8 universities.

Completed the collection and processing the data on the study «Students about Great Patriotic War».

Was surveyed 3482 people from 15 cities in Russia:

  • Almetyevsc - 258 people;
  • Belgorod - 100 people;
  • Volgograd - 402 people;
  • Yekaterinburg - 264 people;
  • Krasnodar - 224 people;
  • Magadan - 74 people;
  • Magnitogorsk - 264 people;
  • Moscow - 312 people;
  • Nalchik - 209 people;
  • Nizhnevartovsk - 262 people;
  • Nizhny Novgorod - 202 people;
  • Perm - 193 people;
  • Tyumen - 238 people;
  • Ufa - 232 people;
  • Chelyabinsk – 248 people.

The survey data were processed by Shabrova N.V. (Yekaterinburg).

Moreover, in data processing took part chairman of Nizhnevartovsk affilliation of RSS - E.N. Ikingrin.

Coordination of data collection was implement by executive vice-president of RSS - E.I. Pronina

  1. Sociological research: «Forecast of growth of the number of internet users in Russia untill 2041»

According to research of «Systematic sociology» committee of RSS, analytical Internet portal «RUmetrika» published forecast growth of the number of Internet users in Russia until 2041.

Primary findings:

  • In 10 years, 76% of the population of Russia may become users of the Internet, and in 2040 - 95%.
  • According to the number of Internet users Russian indexes lower than those of the Netherlands by 3 times, Sweden - by 2.6 times, the United States - 2.4 times.
  • By 2041 the proportion of Internet users in Russia will be reached 95%, the Human Development Index HDI - 0.91, while the index of human development in the information society HDII - 0.86.

More detail about methodology and results can be found here:

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